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We have our origins in the purchase and sale of zinc residues from various industrial processes. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we have built up a worldwide network of suppliers and clients. Every year we process more than 65.000 tons of zinc residues and therefore we are one of the largest players in the recycling industry of zinc. The main focus nowadays from our side is on the oxidic part of zinc residues, although we are also still active with metallic parts in several forms.

With our own warehouse we can offer our suppliers and clients safe and flexible solutions,  because we are BRZO certified at our location in Maastricht and also have the necessary environmental permits.

Il nostro portafoglio di residui di zinco è composto da:

  • Ceneri di zinco
  • Scorie di zinco
  • Ceneri di zinco macinate a sfere/fini di zinco
  • Zinc dust
  • Scorie di zinco
    (bottom dross, top dross)
  • Hard zinc spelter
  • Hard zinc
  • Scorie di fondo
  • Scorie di prim'ordine
  • Metallisation powder
  • Polvere di filtro di zinco
  • Catalizzatori di zinco
  • Furnace Residues
  • EAFD
    (electric arc furnace dust)
  • Massa nera

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