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Lead paste

MCM is your sustainable partner in lead recycling. Since 1993 Metals Chemicals Maastricht BV (MCM) has become one of the leading trading, processing, and recycling organisations of zinc and lead residues globally. Our journey began with the vision to contribute to sustainability, and since then, we have been active recycling and providing lead residues to our customers.

Our expertise lies in handling various lead residues, including lead paste, which is a fundamental yet often overlooked component in the modern industry, where innovation is the driving force. From energy storage to electronics manufacturing, lead paste plays a crucial role in diverse applications, shaping the way we harness energy and utilize technology. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we have built up a worldwide network of suppliers and clients. Every year we trade and/or treat more than 100.000 tons of zinc and lead residues.

Lead paste is a secondary product resulting from the recycling of lead-acid batteries. These batteries, widely used in both conventional fuel cars and electric vehicles (EVs), contribute to the automotive landscape we know today. Lead paste, a key outcome of this recycling process is extracted for its lead content. Lead paste is composed primarily of lead oxide, lead sulfate, sulfuric acid, and various additives. Its unique properties make it an ideal material for a range of applications. The formulation and composition of lead paste can be tailored to suit specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance across different industries. One of the key features of lead paste is its electrochemical properties, making it an essential component in lead-acid batteries. In this context, lead paste facilitates the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy, enabling the storage and subsequent release of power.

At MCM, we recognize the importance of lead paste recovery to reduce the need for mined lead sources. Therefore, we recycle lead paste, such that other companies in the industry can recover lead through the pyrometallurgical recycling process. This method involves subjecting the lead paste to elevated temperatures, effectively segregating lead from other components due to its comparatively lower melting point. This approach allows us to reclaim this valuable material and extend its lifespan in various applications.

Lead paste is highly toxic due to the presence of lead and thus is categorized as a hazardous material.  If you want to export or import hazardous waste through an EU member state you must observe the European Waste Shipment Regulation (EWSR, or in Dutch EVOA). Before transporting hazardous waste across the border, a contract with the recipient of the waste must be concluded and permission from transit countries is needed. At MCM, we have the knowledge, experience, and procedures to organize the transport of hazardous waste materials in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

To support our business partners in the best possible way we can assist in ensuring compliance with legislation for recycling of the waste. We do have the right contacts with the authorities regarding these reporting processes. If there is a need, we can provide you with all required support concerning the notification process.

At MCM, our vision extends beyond business success. We understand the significance of preserving our planet and reducing the environmental impact of industrial activities. By recycling lead residues like lead paste, we actively contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. We envision a world where responsible recycling practices play a pivotal role in conserving resources and safeguarding the environment. By choosing us as your lead recycling partner, you join us in this pursuit.

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