Zinc Residues

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We secure the purchase and sale of zinc residues from various industrial processes. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we have built up a worldwide network of suppliers and clients. Every year we process more than 70.000 tons of zinc residues and therefore we are one of the largest players in the recycling industry of zinc. Nowadays, we mainly focus on the oxidic part of zinc residues, although we also have an active focus on the metallic parts of zinc residues.

Our warehouse-, processing-, and laboratory performances allow us to offer our suppliers and clients safe storage-, classification-, labelling-, packaging-, and upgrading solutions. In our warehouse, a qualified sample-taker takes a representative sample of each batch of incoming material in accordance with the prescribed procedure. This sample is prepared for analysis in our in-house laboratory. Furthermore, visual tests are performed to assess the physical aspect of the batch. This in-house assessment, allows us to efficiently and rapidly determine the zinc content of materials. MCM falls under the scope of Seveso III (BRZO). The BRZO 2015 integrates legislation and regulations in the field of occupational safety and environmental safety. More in particular, our warehouses are uniquely designed with systems to secure safety for working people, the surrounding areas, and the environment.

Our portfolio of zinc residues consists of:

  • Zinc ashes
  • Zinc skimmings
  • Zamak ashes
  • Ball milled zinc ash / zinc fines
  • Zinc drosses
  • Zamak dross
  • Bottom dross
  • Top dross
  • Zinc powder / pipe blowings
  • Thermal spraying powder
  • Zinc filter dust
  • Zinc catalysts
  • Furnace residues
  • EAFD – steeldust
  • Black mass
  • MRZ skimmings / zinkoff

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