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EWC code & hazardous waste

All waste produced will have a corresponding European Waste Code (EWC). You can find these codes in the European Waste Catalogue. The EWC code itself consists of six digits, whereas an Asterisk next to the code denotes that the waste is considered as hazardous. At that moment it is mandatory to initiate a notification process via the government (EU regulation No. 259/93 and No. 1013/2006)


If you want to export or import hazardous waste through an EU member state you must observe the European Waste Shipment Regulation (EWSR, or in Dutch EVOA). Before you transport hazardous waste across the border you must conclude a contract with the recipient of the waste. You also need permission from the transit countries.

Support notification

We have the knowledge, experience and procedures to organise the transport of hazardous waste materials in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. We do the notifications for our own materials, but also as a service for our suppliers and clients.

To support our business partners in the best possible way we can assist to ensure compliance with legislation to recycling of the waste. We do have the right contacts with the authorities regarding these reporting processes.

If there is a need, we can provide you with all required support concerning the notification process.

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