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We have the ability to store (hazardous) waste and we have the availability to do several treatments at our locations such as sampling, processing and repacking.


A qualified sample-taker takes a representative sample of each batch of incoming material in accordance with the prescribed procedure. Subsequently, this sample is prepared for analysis in our laboratory.

During the preparation the sample is dried and grinded (<250 micron). Furthermore, visual tests are performed to assess the physical aspect of the batch. As part of this assessment, the material is sieved out into various fractions. Melting yields can be ascertained, if applicable.


The zinc residues are selected and compiled on the basis of the required chemical specifications and, if preferred, crushed and/or sieved. We use jaw- and roller crushers and a Mogensen sieving system. Furthermore, they are packed in qualified (UN) big bags if required.


In order to succeed in all our clients’ expectations, we have made several investments to repack all material to our clients’ wishes. We can take material in bulk, in big bags, and in drums. All packaging is inspected upon arrival in the yards of Maastricht and Genk and if required repacked into UN big bags.

An unloading station with a big bag filling system was built in 2011. It can accept electric arc furnace dust (EAFD) loaded in silo trucks, as well as finely-fractioned zinc ashes produced by smelters and galvanizers.

In 2013, we installed a container-filling station. This station allows us to transfer EAFD from the silo trucks, within a closed system, into 20ft vertically positioned sea containers with an inner liner bag. The system enables us to load a total capacity of 20.000 tons on yearly basis.

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