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Welcome to MCM, we are your sustainable recycling partner in zinc and lead. One of our expertise is the recycling of ZAMAK materials. We specialize in the trading, processing, and recycling of ZAMAK waste materials, which afterward are used as raw components for the Zinc Industry. Our mission is to provide the best possible knowledge and solutions to our business partners, to guarantee optimal recycling for the residues of various types of processes and applications. At MCM, we believe that waste is a starting point for a new life cycle, instead of being an endpoint. Our recycling journey begins by sourcing unused ZAMAK waste material from various industries. This waste, often considered disposable, is of great value to us and our industry.

ZAMAK is a family of zinc alloy materials, which is known for its unique combination of strength, durability, and ease of processing. The composition of ZAMAK alloys can vary slightly. However, the core elements are visible in its name “ZAMAK”. The name is derived from the German terms for the components of the alloy: Z (zinc), A (aluminum), MA (magnesium), and K (copper). Besides these practical characteristics of ZAMAK, it is also environmentally responsible. The recycling grade of ZAMAK is significant, which reduces the environmental impact of using these materials. Moreover, the long lifespan of ZAMAK makes sure that frequent replacements are minimized. At MCM, our mission is to reduce waste and conserve resources. By treating ZAMAK waste material, we contribute to the circular economy by reusing waste as a valuable raw material. This significantly reduces the need for primary raw materials. This lowered demand reduces energy consumption and mining impact, and it decreases the carbon footprint. In addition, our recycled ZAMAK waste material offers a cost-effective alternative to primary raw materials. This makes secondary materials an economical strategic choice as the quality is near the same and prices are lower.

Our primary mission is to purchase ZAMAK waste from our valued partners, contributing to a circular economy and fostering a more sustainable industrial landscape. Streamline your waste management by selling your ZAMAK waste to us, contributing to a cleaner environment and responsible resource utilization. Have surplus ZAMAK waste on your hands? Instead of disposing of it, consider the benefits of selling it to MCM. Selling your ZAMAK waste ensures that this material continues to have a useful purpose, preventing it from becoming an environmental burden while also providing valuable materials for the industry. Reach out to us with details about your ZAMAK waste. Our experts will assess the material and offer a competitive price based on its quality and quantity. Turn what might be considered waste into a valuable revenue stream for your business. Our competitive pricing ensures that your ZAMAK waste holds significant value.

At MCM, our vision extends beyond business success. We understand the significance of preserving our planet and reducing the environmental impact of industrial activities. By choosing us as your ZAMAK recycling partner, you join us in this pursuit.

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