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Metals Chemicals Maastricht BV (MCM) was established in 1993 and has become one of the leading trading and recycling companies of zinc and lead residues worldwide.

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Metals Chemicals Maastricht

Who we are

Since 1993 Metals Chemicals Maastricht BV (MCM) has become one of the leading trading, processing and recycling organisations globally of zinc and lead residues. Today, MCM is primarily engaged in the collection, storage, processing and the transport of residues to our clients around the world.

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These residues are used as secondary raw materials for the production of zinc metal, zinc oxide and other zinc or lead containing raw materials and semi-finished products.

Moreover, since 2015 MCM is also a provider of mining reagents. Our portfolio and expertise helps our clients in the mining industry for the recovery of base and precious metals such as zinc, copper and gold. We provide the mines with high quality chemicals and consistent delivery to assure their continuous operations.

By having our own laboratory and warehouse we create added value to our business partners. Also with our broad knowledge and expertise with regard to international logistic and notifications processes, we offer our clients many advantages enabling an efficient and professional business cooperation.

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