Our core business is to purchase and sell secondary zinc and lead residues. Through this business model we minimize the dependency on zinc & lead metal produced by mining, so natural resources are less used and the carbon footprint will be lower. In the day-to-day business we are really involved in reducing the impact on the environment. Furthermore several environmental standards are integral to our management policy.


We are committed to improve our operational efficiency with regards to the environment.
Determining the environmental issues is done from the life cycle perspective. This means that there is insight into the potential impact of the raw materials used on the environment.

We manage our activities through a strong governance structure. We have set up an environment management system in accordance with principles as stated in the ISO-14001 certification. This ensures that we comply with legal obligations.

Download our ISO 14001 Certificate

Environmental permits

With regard to the exploitation in general and our yard in particular, MCM holds all required permits issued by the municipality of Maastricht and the province of Limburg. These permits are a guarantee that the handling of (hazardous) waste materials and scrap is efficient, environmentally safe and sustainable.

During the purchasing and selling process the materials are analyzed relating to possible contaminants. The acceptance and processing procedure at our location ensures this, because it is embedded in the environmental permit. The current environmental permit provide us flexibility, expansion options and demonstrably implemented best available techniques.

Continuous improvement

MCM put already various environmental efforts in practice like the purchase of 3 electric forklifts.
Also our building and warehouse is according to the latest environmental standards.
Next to it, we use more and more the railway for our freight shipments.

We will continuously improve and expand our environmental policy. Moreover, we recognize that environmental impact goes beyond our operations to our partners in the value chain. We encourage them to work with us in our effort to reduce emissions in the industry as well as our company.

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