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Welcome to MCM, we are your sustainable recycling partner in zinc and lead. Our mission is to provide the best possible knowledge and solutions to our business partners, to guarantee optimal recycling for the residues of various types of processes and applications. At MCM, we believe that waste is a starting point for a new life cycle, instead of being an endpoint. One of our expertise is the recycling of zinc catalyst materials. Our recycling journey begins by sourcing spent zinc catalyst waste material from various industries. This waste, often considered disposable, is of great value to us and our industry.

In the field of chemistry and industry, catalysts play an essential role in advancing progress and fostering innovation. They enhance the speed, efficiency, and precision of chemical reactions. Especially catalysts containing zinc are known for their versatility and effectiveness. “Spent zinc catalysts” are catalysts that have been used in chemical reactions and have lost their catalytic activity over time. These catalysts often contain zinc compounds as active components. When a catalyst loses its catalytic activity after repeated use, it is referred to as “spent” or “consumed.”. If this is the case, this means that the catalyst no longer shows the desired chemical reaction of speeding up the chemical reaction. At this point, the spent zinc catalysts need to be replaced by new catalysts, in order to speed up and provide an efficient chemical reaction.

After use, spent zinc catalysts often contain residues of reactants and residues of byproducts from the chemical reaction they were used in. At this point, it is important to manage the spent catalyst properly to prevent environmental issues and, if possible, to recover valuable materials. This is where MCM comes in. MCM recycles spent zinc catalysts such that our partners can recover the zinc content for further production. Spent zinc catalysts often contain zinc compounds as their active components. If the catalysts cannot be reused, one option is to recover the zinc content. This can be done through methods such as leaching, precipitation, or solvent extraction to isolate and purify the zinc compounds. Depending on the feasibility of regeneration and the quality of recovered zinc compounds, recycling may be possible. Recovered zinc can be used in various industries, such as in metallurgy and chemical manufacturing.

Spent zinc catalysts require proper handling, disposal, and treatment to prevent environmental contamination. Therefore, at MCM we comply with environmental laws and regulations to minimize any adverse impact, which is shown by our ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

At MCM, our vision extends beyond business success. We are committed to environmental sustainability. We specialize in purchasing spent zinc catalysts from various companies, with the aim of facilitating the recycling process. Once acquired, we efficiently supply these materials to our trusted partners who harness the recycled zinc in their production processes. Our mission is to promote a greener and more sustainable environment by ensuring that valuable resources are reused and repurposed. By working together, we can contribute to a cleaner, more responsible industrial landscape, making a positive impact on our planet’s health and future. We understand the significance of preserving our planet and reducing the environmental impact of industrial activities. By choosing us as your spent zinc catalyst recycling partner, you join us in this pursuit.

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